heavy duty panels long lasting



Panels are made of 1 1/4

Inch Round Tubing 13 Gauge.

Made Strong to Last

Panel Hookups are Simple to Connect

2 Way 3 Way 4 Way

shown here

Cow Country Panel Hookups are the Best, with the Slack in the Connection

Allows for Uneven Terrain.Whether Uphill or Downhill,

Makes it a Snap to Connect Panels Together.



Standard Panel Sizes

10 Foot Panel 5 Foot Tall 6 Bar

10 Foot Panel 6 Foot Tall 7 Bar

12 Foot Panel 5 Foot Tall 6 Bar

12 Foot Panel 6 Foot Tall 7 Bar

Panel material consists of 1 1/4 Inch 13 gauge (.093" Wall Thickness) tubing.

Race Car Frames have the same wall thickness.

Panels are Heavy enough to do the Job but still light enough to set up for the job at hand.

Ten Foot Panels weigh approximately 90 Lbs. while the Twelve foot panel weighs a little over 100 Lbs.

Panels With a Larger Outside Diameter and a Light Weight Wall Thickness,

when it takes a hit will tend to kink the tube.

Cow Country Panels with the Thicker Wall might bend a little,

in our experience have yet to see a Cow Country Panel Kink