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Building Examples



This is a 15' 8" x 40' enclosed calving shed.There are

two 10' sliding doors and four 10' x 10' pens

with a 5' 8" alley way

One of our many options is to add a calving pen

with head gate

Enclosed Building with alley way and pens.

Calving Pen with Quarter Turn Circle

With Head Gate in Enclosed Building

Open Faced Building 15' 8" x (20',30', 40', 50')

With Alley and Pens

This is a 40' building, with drop down calf doors.

The doors can be let down during calving, and

then put back up for larger livestock.

The doors are sheeted to help

keep snow off the calves.

This is a 40' open faced building with pens.

We can add 7' x 20' windbreak wing panels for

extra protection from the wind

This is a 50' building with gates

and dividers.

It also a 10' x 12" Tack Room

with wood flooring.

Need a garage? We build them too!

The buildings can be made in different sizes,

They can be customized with the

colors of your choice.

One piece building can be delivered to wherever you want it.

Sized at 12' to 16' wide 20', 30', 40', or 50' long

Keep that feeder truck or skid loader inside the garage.

This garage is 16' wide 40' in depth.

The structure is built entirely of steel.


This is an example of our complete barn.

We make these using two 12' buildings with a 4' overhang,

then connect them together.

This barn has two 8' sliding doors on opposite sides.



Calving Chute Installed in Complete Barn.

New Option Window to Put Some Light in the Barn


Section of Barn

The setup is available in all Buildiings


We can also add pens, gates and dividers, and many other options.

If there is something you would like to include in your building

and we do not have it listed,

Contact Us