Buffalo Chutes

Buffalo Chute

Our buffalo chute is made is stand up to anything!

It comes standard with rumbar floors and lower doors that swing out to make it easy to access

the legs of the animal. The chute is completely sheeted for the safety of the animal, and comes with an extra heavy duty crash gate.

You can easily reach the animals head and neck area through the neck access door.

The upper side doors turn out and can be removed in seconds to have access to the side of the animal.

The crash gate swings to the side easily! Each chute comes with a 1 1/4 inch fiberglass butt bar to use in our butt bar rachet system.

Slide the bar along the chute as the animal moves forward.

They will be unable to back up with our system.

Both the left and the right doors open 90 degrees.

Our chute is extra heavy duty and will handle evern the biggest buffalo!

Our buffalo ready chute is made with extra heavy duty construction.

It comes standard with rumbar floors and extra heavy duty rear split slide gate.

The sides squeeze in straight and both the left and right sides open at a 90 degree angle.