Branding Forks


Finding people to help brand can be difficult

Today there is never enough people to wrestle calves.

With the branding fork, fewer hands are needed.

While keeping the calf in a tight, secure postion.

Makes it easy to brand, vaccinate, de-horn, or anything else

The more branding forks and several teams

Means Less Time


The front part of the branding fork folds

down and both ropes are tight.

The calf is on its side and there is easy

access to all areas.

The tool greatly reduces the risk of being

kicked or injured.


First, have the rider rope both of the

calves back feet. They will drag the calf

right along side of the branding fork

where the person on the ground will slip

the fork over the neck of the calf as

shown. Have the rider continue to drag

until the rope is tight. The calf is in a

stable postion and ready to go.

After you are done branding,

simply pull the handle to

release the calves head.

The rider will loosen the slack

on the rope

and the calf can kick free.